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Bosco espresso machines are entirely hand made, using only the finest materials to deliver quality without compromise, right down to the smallest details.

Our lever system ensures consistently excellent results thanks to its controllable natural preinfusion system, proven temperature profile and tapering pressure, which maximises the initial extraction of aromatic oils and delicate flavours, while gradually excluding the less desirable compounds.

Bosco has perfected this mechanism to deliver quality where it counts most - in the cup - with a rich crema and layered flavour profile that bring out the very best in your chosen beans or blends.

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Our machines are designed to ensure fuss-free ease of use that enables baristas to achieve excellent results from the very first shot.

The temperature and pressure profiles are established by the mechanical design of the machine itself, so you can achieve consistently nuanced extractions without any fiddly set-up routines. Just a few predictable adjustments are required that remain stable over time. Which means there are no unproductive experimentation or learning phases with a Bosco, making it a true turnkey professional solution.

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The proven technology and robust construction of our machines deliver solid reliability, with no pumps to break down, no temperamental gicleurs to alter performance and no delicate electronic circuitry that tries to simulate what a lever machine achieves naturally with classic mechanical elegance.

Built to a high standard with quality components and straightforward engineering that benefits from over half a century’s experience, Bosco machines deliver stable performance under even the most intensive professional use, while keeping maintenance times and costs to a minimum.

A Bosco is built to last.

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Every Bosco machine bears the marks of its maker’s hand, embellished by the small imperfections that make a handcrafted creation unique.

And of course, since every machine is handcrafted, we can provide extensive customisation of each model’s unmistakably classic lines to complement our customers’ tastes, décor and branding.

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Lever espresso machines have soul. A soul that’s not just their own, but also comes from the barista who tailors the preinfusion to the characteristics of the coffee beans, according to their judgement and experience.

What’s more, the silent alternating movement of the levers, rising majestically when released, creates a magical atmosphere that attracts and captivates, bringing any locale a soul that can be key to its reputation.

Wherever you are, a Bosco makes a bar.

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